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corey [userpic]
worlds 2008...
by corey (medousamedea)
at March 23rd, 2008 (10:16 am)

Short Program

Long Program


Congrats Brian on your second-place finish at Worlds!

After catching that nasty virus earlier in the season and not doing so well at Europeans, I was a bit concerned for Brian. I wanted him to at least medal at Worlds, thinking that defending his title would be really difficult, especially after his fall on the Lutz in the short program.

What was more amazing to me was that Buttle won. Not that there's anything wrong with Buttle, he just hasn't skated a clean free program in quite some time and he is really lucky that others (Lambiel, Takahashi and Verner specifically) didn't do so well.

Interestingly enough Buttle beat Joubert on the technical marks, but lost to Joubert on the presentation score, which is supposed to be Buttle's strength. It's probably eating at Brian though that Buttle beat him without a quad. I know he hates that.

Brian left a lot of points on the table though by not completing another quad, leaving out a combination and wasting one combo on a double-Axel/single toe-loop. Also, a two of his spins have consistently been only at a level two. He really needs to upgrade those.

Basically, Brian is going to need two, if not three quads to really dominate next season and especially at the Olympics. If I were him, I would start going for the three quads in the free skate in every program until the Olympics to get the mileage under his belt.

Oh, and most importantly, thank God Brian got a new costume! It might be his most tasteful costume to date. It looked really good on him. His short program outfit just makes me laugh. Did his mom make it?

I was glad that Weir took the bronze, but I wish he could've done so with a stronger performance. He skated so well all season and it's a bummer that he had to go out like that. I'm glad he went for the quad as he is going to need it to stay competitive.

And poor Stephane. He is such a joy to watch, whether he lands his jumps or not. I hope he is able to stabilize his technique as I'm not ready for him to leave.

All right, I'm done rambling for now.