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corey [userpic]
i've been a bad moderator...
by corey (medousamedea)
at February 6th, 2008 (10:28 am)

...so I haven't posted an update on Brian in a while...and I'm sorry. So let's recap:

Brian caught a virus that attacked his muscles and he had to drop out of the Grand Prix. He did recover to win his sixth French National title. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to defend his European title. He did take the bronze medal at that competition, finishing behind Stephane Lambiel and Tomas Verner.

But Brian's got plenty of time to train and get ready for the World Championships in March. Allez Brian!

corey [userpic]
q&a with brian...
by corey (medousamedea)
at December 25th, 2007 (08:25 pm)

That's what a triumphant Brian Joubert accomplished last season when he took gold at every competition he laced up his skates for. The biggest prize was the Frenchman's first world title, a goal he'd missed by the narrowest of margins the year before. Joubert also made history as the first skater in the post 6.0 era to land three quad jumps in a single program.

Known for his determination, training ethic and explosive on-ice jump launches, it came as a surprise last month when Joubert was forced to cut short the Grand Prix circuit after a mystery ailment drained his reserves, leaving the 23-year-old near collapse just minutes into a daily practice session.

Still plagued by fatigue in early December, Joubert successfully managed to fight through the free skate at French Nationals and claim his sixth title. Coach Jean-Christophe Simond, himself an eight-time French champion, was justifiably proud. Since the Joubert-Simond partnership began, Joubert has won ten consecutive gold medals. Simond said, "We specifically work hard and concentrate on his technique so that we can rely on it. Once the technique is good, Brian becomes very, very confident, and when he is confident, he is unbeatable."

IceNetwork: This season at French Nationals you had a fairly strong challenger with Yannick Ponsero, who now has a reliable triple axel and quad.

Brian Joubert: Yes, and Alban Preaubert is also strong. Alban and I have been friends for so long; we have been competing together since we were 10 years old. Ponsero is technically and artistically very good, and is talented on his spins and footwork. The only problem he has is mentally. He could work more on his focus during the competitions. I want to help him actually. I will probably see him in Courcheval over the holidays and I will tell him.

Ice: Tell him what?

BJ: That I think he can be a champion skater. What I don't know is if he wants it enough. His primary goal is to become a physiotherapist. This time French Nationals was more interesting for everyone: the skaters, the media and the audience. The caliber of competition was very high, and almost every skater performed well. Throughout the junior and senior levels, everyone worked hard this season and it showed.

Ice: At Skate Canada you delivered a brilliant short program, and won the event although Kevin van der Perren beat you in the free skate after a tumble on your opening quad. Back in France, you had to withdraw from Trophe Eric Bompard, which cost you a probable berth at the Grand Prix Final. When did you realize that something was wrong with your health?

BJ: I started to feel tired a few days before Skate Canada. At first, I noticed that my muscles were sore, then I began to feel worn down, and eventually after only 20 minutes on the ice I would become exhausted. My coach faced a difficult decision on what to do, but he felt we needed to push and make it through the first Grand Prix competition. The main thing at that point was to not get careless and allow an injury to occur. Of course, when I was too tired he would allow me to stop the practice.

Our short program was new ["All for You," specially composed for Joubert by Sebastien Damiani] and one of the main goals was to deliver a very good performance because I wanted to see how the audience and the judges would react. It's important to see the response. I downgraded to a quad-double, but was pleased that the audience was with me, not only during the short but throughout the whole event. Canadians know figure skating, so it means a lot to have their support. When you do something well, you can feel their enthusiasm — they are with you — and it's a great feeling. Read more...Collapse )

corey [userpic]
baboo out of teb...
by corey (medousamedea)
at November 16th, 2007 (10:35 pm)

World figure skating champion Brian Joubert of France is suffering from a debilitating unnamed virus that will lay him low for at least another 10 days, according to his adviser.

Joubert on Thursday pulled out of the Trophee Eric Bompard, the fourth in the six-leg Grand Prix figure skating series starting at Paris-Bercy on Friday, for health reasons.

After undergoing extensive medical examinations on Thursday, Joubert was diagnosed with a virus.

Didier Gailhaguet, Joubert's adviser, said the skater was "suffering from a virus that causes low blood pressure, elevated heart beat and extreme fatigue."

The virus also "paralyses" his muscles, Gailhaguet said, not naming the virus.

Joubert, also the reigning European champion, will have to stop practising for 10 days.

Get better Brian!!!

corey [userpic]
more skate canada...
by corey (medousamedea)
at November 5th, 2007 (09:29 pm)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

World champion Brian Joubert of France won the men's title at the Skate Canada Grand Prix on Sunday, despite a lackluster free skate marred by a fall.

Joubert fell while attempting a quadruple jump, but his total of 213.62 points was still enough for the victory ahead of Belgian Kevin van der Perren (202.55) and Canadian Jeffrey Buttle (198.77).

"I didn't do my job on the quad," Joubert told a television interviewer. "I didn't feel so good with my long programme and need to practice it more."

Joubert also downgraded a planned triple flip, while his other jumps lacked their usual verve.

Buttle turned in a sparkling triple triple axle-triple toe combination, but his performance was otherwise littered with errors.

"I started strong but then made some weird mistakes that I don't make in practice," he said.

corey [userpic]
skate canada short program news...
by corey (medousamedea)
at November 3rd, 2007 (09:25 pm)

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Brian Joubert did it all, and Jeff Buttle took a fall.

The 23-year-old French world champion landed a quad and was so much better in every facet of the men's short program than the 11 other entrants at the HomeSense Skate Canada International meet Friday night that he built a huge lead to take into the free-skating final.

Joubert was awarded 78.05 points and 21-year-old teammate Yannick Ponsero got 67.09.

Canadian champion Jeff Buttle was third with 66.85 and teammate Chris Mabee got 66.50.

Joubert was the only skater among the leaders to land a quad.

Buttle stumbled while gliding backwards during a cross-cut move on a circular step sequence and went into a Lutz, which sent the 25-year-old native of Smooth Rock Falls, Ont., crashing to the ice. It was a costly few seconds.

Buttle said he'd been feeling a "little bit off" during practices.

"The jumps weren't easy today, that's for sure," he said in summing up his performance. "I had to fight for them.

"I guess it was the cross-cut that I didn't think I'd have to be fighting for, so trying to recover in time and still do the footwork into the Lutz, I think I ended up just trying too hard on the Lutz."

The judges were generous with Buttle.

"Despite the mistakes, I recovered and kept going," he said. "There's really nothing else you can do, especially with the new (scoring) system.

"If you start to let all the little things go, that's when it really starts to hurt. A fall is a fall and you get up and keep going."

It appears as if Joubert will keep going right to the top of the podium come Sunday afternoon, while Buttle will try to rebound to earn a silver or bronze medal.

Mabee fell out of a triple Axel landing.

"I hadn't missed a triple Axel since I got here," said Mabee. "To miss it in the short program when it mattered is disappointing, for sure, but I have two opportunities (to land triple Axels) in the long and I plan to do them both."

Vaughn Chipeur, 22, of Edmonton was sixth with 65.65. Read more...Collapse )

corey [userpic]
new brian stuff...
by corey (medousamedea)
at September 23rd, 2007 (10:16 am)


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Ascending the top step of the podium at the World Championships was something Brian Joubert had dreamed about since he was a young boy. But like so many other notable champions in sporting history, Joubert learned at an early age that the road to the top was not always paved with gold.

Given Joubert’s golden success throughout last season, it might have been a logical assumption that he would take winning the World title in stride. But when that magical moment arrived at the 2007 World Championships in Tokyo, the 22-year-old Frenchman was overwhelmed by his emotions.

Standing by the boards, waiting for his name to be announced as the 2007 World champion, all the hard work, the setbacks, disappointments and fleeting moments of glory came back in an instant. As the gold medal was placed around his neck, the emotional floodgates opened and the tears fell. He had finally claimed the coveted crown for which he had trained so hard all those years. Joubert was the happiest man in the world.

Making History

Only a handful of skaters have ever won every event they entered in a competitive year and Joubert joined that elite group last season. Read more...Collapse )

corey [userpic]
brian pic of the week...
by corey (medousamedea)
at May 27th, 2007 (09:01 am)

Carolina...you need to back away from Brian before you get hurt. Seriously. Hands off!

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corey [userpic]
you can all thank me later...
by corey (medousamedea)
at May 8th, 2007 (09:38 pm)

I'm sure you've seen shots from this photoshoot, but after digging and poking around the internet, I found outtakes that I hadn't seen before and was able get versions a little larger than what was available.


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More Brian goodness inside...including his best *ahem* asset...Collapse )

corey [userpic]
some brian just because...
by corey (medousamedea)
at May 6th, 2007 (12:26 am)

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Read more...Collapse )

corey [userpic]
brian's best side...
by corey (medousamedea)
at April 15th, 2007 (10:23 pm)

Hubba hubba...

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